Do you or someone you know require travel assistance?

Do you have a loved one who finds it difficult to travel alone?

Do these limitations restrict your familyís ability to see loved ones?

Then AIR TRAVEL COMPANION has the solution for you!

Air Travel Companion has the solution for people, especially the elderly or infirmed, who avoid travelling alone internationally as they find it frightening or just too difficult and where it is not practical for a family member or a close friend to travel with them. There is a solution!

Air Travel Companion specialises in the provision of experienced travel nurses and flight nurses to act as a travel companion to take the place of a family member. Our companions are knowledgeable about international travel and have undertaken many medical escort assignments as well as non-medical escort assignments. And equally important, they are each caring and supportive for the entire journey from start to finish during which they will attend to all the travellerís needs. The traveller and the family can rest assured that the traveller is in safe and caring hands.

Air Travel Companion also provides a companion in relation to travel assistance to children who are travelling as un-accompanied minors. Our companions take as good a care of each child as the parent would. Often the companion is better equipped and has more patience to attend to the childís travel needs.

Air Travel Companion staff are all caring, professional and trained to provide travel assistance and medical assistance in their role as flight companion or medical escort. Our primary companion and Corporate Manager is an experienced Travel Repatriation Registered Nurse, flight nurse and travel nurse who holds qualifications in Aviation Health. She has the temperament to make the journey pleasurable for the young and the not so young. Her experience, qualifications and temperament are the perfect combination to guarantee a high standard of quality assured service by each member of our team to every client regardless of age, cultural background and travel needs.

Air Travel Companion can answer all your questions on a no obligation basis. We can be contacted by email or by phone at +61 (0)2 8006 6852.