About Air Travel Companion

As international air travel becomes safer, quicker and more affordable it has enabled millions to travel each year around the world for business, on holidays and for family reunions and events.

However, many who desire to travel overseas had in the past been unable or unwilling to do so for medical and related reasons until Air Travel Companion was created. Air Travel Companion was established by by a highly regarded senior Registered Operating Theatre Registered Nurse after many requests from friends, associates and welfare groups for whole-of-journey medical escort and companion assistance.

Requests for assistance were directed to her as she has been a registered nurse for over 15 years, has a unique specialty in Aviation Health, has extensive experience as a flight nurse and medical escort with organisations such as AirAmbulance and the Flying Doctors service.

She identified the growing need by travellers to be accompanied by a flight nurse, travel nurse or simply medical and travel escort and from this Air Travel Companion was established. Her lifelong experiences in patient health & care combined with travelling the world brought confidence and comfort to those that have utilised her services.

Air Travel Companion has grown due to increased demand and under her care, the hand picked team of specialist travel nurses has grown yet have remained true to the original values of servicing clients and ensuring that they get to their destinations healthy and in good spirits.

To read more about Air Travel Companion see below for a summary of our founderís experience and on other pages case studies and extracts from various media sources to give you confidence that you are getting the right organisation with the best team to look after you or someone you care about.

If you wish to make an enquiry or discuss our staff's experience in more detail, please feel free to contact Air Travel Companion via phone +61 (0)2 8006 6852 or via email

Our Team's experience and skills:

Assisted Travel:

Provided International and domestic medical patient assisted travel to many people on behalf of Travel Insurance Agencies
Successfully completed many assignments to repatriate sick or injured patients between Australia and overseas
Each assignment required a full understanding of air travel as well as aviation and medical logistics
Understanding and compassion were critical to the successful outcomes as each person is an individual, with their own concerns, special needs and unique cultural background
Most patients/clients were faced with situations that they had not previously encountered
Working to allay their fears while maintaining necessary monitoring of their condition and to help make the travel experience as safe and pleasant as possible

Aviation Health Experience

Qantas Airlines:
Worked for several years within Qantas Airlines' own medical division providing medical assistance services to the travelling public, airline and ground personnel
Possesses a thorough understanding of all medical and non-medical passenger logistics
Experienced using heart start machine [defibrillator] on various cardiac arrest passengers arriving or departing
Experienced training captains, pilots and cabin staff for in-flight routine and emergency medical situations, including training on use of heart start machine
Evaluation of passengers at airport check-in for medical fitness to fly
Audited emergency equipment and emergency drugs on aircraft
Dealing with all airport medical issues and emergency for all staff, visitors and passengers at the airport

General Medical Experience

15 years experience working as an Anaesthetic Nurse in operating theatres at major Sydney public hospitals responsible for pre & post operative anaesthetic procedures including assisting and substituting for the anaesthetist for line insertion
Organised and managed surgical lists concurrently for 14 operating theatres with 50 to 80 surgical operations each day
Through her compassion, understanding and patience helped to alley adult and children patientís fears on entering the operating theatre