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Testimonial 1
ATC, many thanks for your help.

I am writing in relation to the assistance you provided to a sick passenger and our cabin staff on Flight QF 9 and QF 17

Our cabin crew often have to manage difficult medical problems in the relatively isolated environment of the aircraft cabin and I know that they very much appreciated your professional assistance on these occasions.
It is a source of great pride in our profession that nurses so readily and unselfishly volunteer to assist in such situations.

Your professional help was very much appreciated and I thank you on behalf o the passenger, the cabin crew and Qantas.
Yours sincerely, Ion Morrison, General Manager
Aviation Health Services, Qantas Airways Ltd.

Testimonial 2
Many thanks for looking after my dad so nicely…...
John H, Sydney

Testimonial 3
…we’ll never forget the wonderful care and support we had……and having you to travel with us made such a difference. Thank you from my heart. I hope……you are able to keep up the good work you so obviously enjoy. I now realise the need for it and am so thankful for your company and support and wish you health and happiness in the future.
Sincerely, Joan G, Brighton East, Victoria